As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a composer. Maybe because my Uncle Arkady Ostrovsky was such a famous composer, and because I feel that this is a profession that gives a lot of love.

I studied in Leningrad Conservatory school until the 5th grade, and then we moved to Moscow; there, I study at the Central Music School - a school of Moscow Conservatory where the children are really deprived of their childhood. At age seven, I was playing piano 4-5 hours per day, which left little time for anything else. Other activities were included in my upbringing - figure skating and English for 3 years, ballet for 4 years.

I graduated from Ippolitov-Ivanov with the best Com Laude and was teaching there while studying for 7 years at the Gnesin Academy. Graduated from Gnessin twice- as a pianist and as a composer.

My first break in the movies was writing music for a little film Olya on Mosfilm. The work needed to be done in 2-3 days and when I did a decent job, the music editor remembered me- that I can work as an ambulance- when music was needed yesterday. So, when Gladkov, who was planning to do Petrov and Vasechkin got ill, they recommended me to Vladimir Alenikov.

The work on music for this films was pure joy. I think it was the most pressure I experienced in my life. I had to write 10 songs with the orchestration in 6 days, fly to Odessa studio from Moscow and find the middle ground between desires of director and choreographer. Still I think it was the happiest days in my life.

I recorded with the Orchestra of Cinematography. Wonderful musicians were there. Next 2 films- Vocations, we recorded in Poltava with the great ensemble Festival. All together, I wrote music for 10 films in Russia.

When you live your life writing music, you never know what will be popular. Now, several generation of Russian kids love the movies and are making remixes of the music. One fan, Nikolay Nasorov, made a great website of the movies--Vasechkin.ru.

In 1990 I came to Atlanta. I can proudly say that all my life I was working as a musician. Never as anything else. One of the first jobs was playing piano at the Ritz Carlton hotel. I did it for 7 years every day. Now, I play only on holidays.

I brought all family to America. My son graduated from MIT PH.D in Multimedia Lab. My mother graduated from Leningrad Conservatory and has several friends in America also from the same class. My sister and niece are working very successfully and are happy here. For almost 16 years I was married to Fred Berman- Georgia Tech professor and wonderful man. He died from cancer in 2006.

Presently, the people from my childhood found me on Internet, and I am amazed how much we remember; like everybody remembers the birthday party my granny made for me in the 2nd grade. It was a half of century ago. She was baking wonderful sweets and that became unforgettable.

I have taught at the Art Institute of Atlanta and American Intercontinental University, both for quite a long time. I enjoy my work very much. I am also writing music.

I wrote music for several independent movies. With a friend, Michael Cardillo, we are making a catalog Star Drive Production and writing for the video department of Chick-fil-A.

Life is wonderful.
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