It is my Dreamwork!

Now an American citizen, Tanya Ostrovsky is working to make a name for herself in the United States doing what she does best: composing.

She's set up a small, fully MIDI-compatible studio in her home, equipped with a Power Macintosh, a Korg T-1 synthesizer, and Finale and Logic software. Tanya's skill at live performance as well as creating complex digital compositions gives her an edge over most musicians in her field. What this means is that she can deliver original compositions in any format that the client desires. On every project that Tanya is involved, she remains focused and unintimidated.

"All my life," said Tanya, "I am growing and studying. In America I feel like Sleeping Beauty, waking up after 100 years to find everything's changed. So I'm trying to make my way by myself, all the time coming up against walls and, this way, getting experience. But the main thing is to stay a musician. It is my dream work."

The top screens on your left were taken from a Goodwill Games Demo for which Tanya composed the original music. This project was initiated by Turner Broadcasting Systems to excite vendors into participating in the games. The original score helped create a positive feeling for the presentation, which was shipped all over the country to various large corporations. If you would like to download a sample of the music from the Goodwill Presentation, please go to the section on the navigation bar marked with the speaker .

The bottom screen is from a multimedia capabilities presentation by RIT, or Reprographics Imaging Technologies. The designers needed a funky, fast paced score to go with the look and feel of their presentation., and they did not want to use a generic, boring stock piece of music. Tanya Ostrovsky was the ideal choice. Working within the budget and the incredibly tight deadline, Tanya was able to create an original composition that far exceeded their expectations. To download or listen to a sample of the music from the RIT presentation,

Click on either the Music or Demo tabs above to hear samples of my music.



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